Korenna Barto, PhD
Sex Educator, Life Coach, Therapist

Korenna Barto PhD

From First Kiss through First Kid
Primary Location
Santa Monica, California

Helping Orientations


Personal Statement

I am thrilled to have spent the last decade helping individuals & couples set themselves up for success in relationships and build skills that will last a lifetime. With advanced training in premarital counseling, sexuality, pre & peri-natal psychology and parenting, I take pride in helping clients be their best "self" so they can be the best partners & parents anyone could ask for.

About My Practice

I'm not a huge fan of "professional biographies." I always feel awkward speaking about my training, what I believe (or have been told) my strengths are, etcetera! If this brief introduction leaves you wanting more, feel free to ask any questions you may have about me and/or my training when you call for a free consultation.

Some of my colleagues scoffed that I was going to blend work in the areas of relationships, pregnancy, parenting, and sexuality; but it made perfect sense to me.For the past few years, I have been pulling from these unique areas of expertise to provide coaching and counseling to individuals and couples with rich and diverse concerns and desires.

For the science-minded, I can offer that I work from both an Existential and Attachment perspective and I draw heavily from the work of Gottman as well as from Relationship Enhancement Therapy & Emotionally Focused Therapy. I also incorporate my training in somatic psychology and sexuality into my practice & enjoy working with individuals and couples from all walks of life.

In a single day I may meet with an engaged couple seeking guidance on how to make sure they "get it right" the first time, a married couple looking to rekindle their sexual connection now that their kids have left for college, a single man trying to work thorough insecurities so that he can feel confident in the dating world, a couple recovering from a miscarriage, and then a pregnant woman looking for support and information about how to make sure she is giving herself, her baby, and her relationship every possible opportunity to thrive. The common threads that run through all of these sessions are simple: self awareness, communication, and connection to others. I feel blessed to have dedicated my life to studying and teaching these skills.

Professional Credentials


Masters Degree in Counseling
Cleveland State University
PhD in Pre & Perinatal Psychology

Certifications, Memberships & Awards

Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
Somatic Sexologist
Relationship Enhancement Techniques
American Psychological Association
Association for Pre & Perinatal Psychology and Health
International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy